++ Sleeping ++

This observation doesn't mean that the Indonesians are lazy: far from it.
In fact I've never seen such a hard-working bunch in my life.
Up at the crack of dawn with the 4am Muslim call to prayer, working hard at jobs that would drive Westerners to distraction...
they're an astoundingly conscientious race.
But with this physical burden comes an increased need to sleep.

The amazing thing about the Indonesians and their sleep is that they can sleep absolutely anywhere. On the buses, on the street, standing up, sitting down: shut-eye isn't the problem it seems to be in the world of nine-to-five and insomnia.

I've seen people literally sleeping on concrete, curled up on thin reed mats and snoring in a way that no soft-boned white man could manage;
I've seen men crashed out in their tiny becaks (bicycle rickshaws) in cities,
grabbing a few minutes' rest after hurtling round the back streets, legs and arms sticking out of the tiny compartment like an octopus in a bucket;

I've seen men drifting off in a bus whose spine-shattering jolts would keep normal humans awake for the following three days;
yes, the Indonesian talent is for being able to grab forty winks whenever and wherever, a skill that all of us could use.
heheh...lucu juga neh baca tulisan si Max Moxon, enak banget bacanya...
bisa ketawa sendiri pas dia cerita soal kebiasaan orang Indo...kekekeke....

Well, hari ini mulai ngajar...gee weez...Wish me Luck...
I need the dollar...