Lokasi: Office
++ Kaos turtle neck coklat tua, celana panjang coklat bergaris, selendang batik aksen coklat sepatu sendal coklat pesenan ++

Its a brown Monday I guess...hehehe...
hmm...there's sumthin' going on again with my body
I dunno why...I feel so powerless this morning
but I got control of my body...so I ask my brain to wake up
my body, so I can get up and get ready to work...

geess...dun feel like get up..
I know I'm doing my chores yesterday...
but I dun think its going to be that exhausted,
ask my bro to drive me to work...thank god he's home
hopefully he won't forget to pick me up again this afternoon
I feel like staying at home and rest...

Kayaknya kistanya mulai lagi deh...
as I'm takin' this spirulina pills to reduce its size
I hope this going to work...since I dun want to take
the surgery...and I hope the tumor will be gone..
be gone from my body...pls...

*sigh hope everythin' will be great on Friday,
and also with the discussion...
I just want everything to work out FINE!!