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++ Kemeja Ungu, celana bahan abu², sendal bata ++

SUPERSEMAR, Supposed to be my Mom and Dad Anniversary
Its March 11, the campaign start today..
hope there's nothin' bad will happen

I think I'm loosing my writing skill
since its been a long time that I haven't write *sigh
but I'm practising now, writing all these blogs I have
hopefully it will back to normal again...

Dunno what to feel today,
sad, angry but try to be cool outside
since I dunno what to tell and to feel anymore
about his stupid character, which show me how fickle it is
human feelings...*sigh

how can you spend that money just for a liquor??
while you need that for sumthin' MORE important??
geezzzz...there's a saying boys will be boys...
but this is too much...you're whining about being broke
but when you got some then you just spent it for....FUN???

Just grow up will ya??