Location: Office
++ Kaos coklat dan celana jeans, sepatu keds ++

Its saturday, but I have to be at the office...
oh well, its ok. Since its gonna be half day anyway...

Si Iwan aka the1 aka wanda...hate me when I call him by his name
I dunno why he hates his own name

yang lucunya dah pernah mei ledekin gak punya titit
dah gitu kemaren lemot minta ampun deh...bused...!!
gemana coba masa brani²nya dia nyamain
suara sexy mei sama si dita...

busedd kan jauhh banged...rasain deh dia kena ambeg nya mei
wakakakak...awas kalo dia gak entertaint waktu mei sampe Bandung
huihuhuh...paling akan merasakan kekejaman di cela dan diledekin
sepanjang pertemuan....

prepare yourself dude!!

Not a really good morning...
another arguments with mom...*sigh
geeezz mom, I know you love me and care so much bout me
but how in the world that I'm gonna let you have
that kind of thoughts with your own blood??
I'm tired and sick with all these grown up arguments mom!!

is there anyone out there can save me??
get out of this house plssss....
well, I can breath a bit next week...
since we ask her to go to Ponti while the tickets price is cheap
out of the all arguments we had, I just want you to be happy mom
that's all