I guess there's too many things in mind now...dunno what to write and dunno what to tell...probably its because when ppl dun have money or in the desperate kinda situation then their mind start thinking those impossible thing...*shrug

But I dunno anymore, since there's too many advices and too many discussions that have been brought up AND still its going to the same shit again and again...*sigh

So, what's the point of talking then?

Mom, I do know and sometimes I dun know, but at the moment, can you just bear with me? Trying how to live my life the way I want it too? If later on I make my own mistake and terrible one, I will NOT feel dissapointed, 'cause that's what its supposed to happend...I just hope whatever it is, I can still handle it...

you're the reason I live 'till today, Mom...
Love you so!