Lemme try to write sumthin' serious here :)

If you know internet for quite sometime, then you know what a forum is :)
I know this forum name KASKUS from my very bestfriends, and that's how I know my dearest ayang...*muaachh*

BUT as time goes by, there's too many things happened there...
these are the ppl that put REAL life into CYBER life and vise versa
dun get me wrong, I was too...but as the conscious mind strike then I realize its stupid acting like that...

So, I take my action NOT to put CYBER to REAL life 'cause its like the word PATHETIC. I do admit that I met tons of new friends from this forum some become great friends and some just for the cyber sake...and to be able to become their friends and meeting each and everyone of 'em personally really do make my life more FUN!!

Somehow, I just wish that this forum can be as calm and fun as 2 years before only a few psycophat stayed there but soon begone..hehehe...

well, there's too many ppl in this world of cyber...but we can as wisely as we could to choose for the best for our own :)