Its been realeased in 2003 but I just saw this movie last nite...
What a nice ending!

Nicholas Cage
as Roy, Sam Rockwell as Frank, Alison Lohman as Angela

Roy is a con-artist and Frank as his protègè. They really good in manipulate people's money. But when Angela starts coming to Roy's life. She changed everything.
He thought that Angela was her long lost daughter, and she's really good playing the part in Roy's life. 'Cause as a really good con-artist, he really bites everything that she offers!

At first I dun even know what's the plan, but when the movie almost ended, then I realized, darn! he's been fooled all along...shit!
Despite of he's agrophobia thingy, this guy Frank, really take him for granted!

Fiuuhhh....its thrilling yet exciting and recommended movie!
I gave 4.5 out of 5 for the movie..


huehuehe...belibet abis neh nyoba nulis pake Inggris...
I just hoping that I'm not loosing it :D
emang banyak banged siy salah...tapi gpp deh...
tetep PD! heheeh