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Just Believe!

I may not believe this such things, but sometimes creeps me too..
Friendster's Horoscope today
You may not be prepared for what happens today, but you won't be completely surprised. Truth be told, part of you was probably expecting it. Now, whether you share it with a friend or keep it to yourself is entirely up to you, but chances are good that there's someone you love who you just can't keep this from. It's okay. We're all human, and if anyone needs a confidante right now, it's you. You can't hold onto happy news in private forever
I was wondering what kind of news? And I dun really think its going to happend anyway...

...BUT...you've got mail...I got an sms...
I was wondering whom then as I read it...

18.05.05 09:34
Met, mlm minggu gw mo ajakin loe ma Rhe ke Plaza Barat nonton Ari Lasso yah. Jgn bikin janji ma orang yak, ok?

Waks! Kaget bangeds gue bacanya! Just when you least expected...Rhe got a T-Shirt with Ari's signature on! I asked my friend for it! He loves Ari Lasso so much!

Sampe gue gak ngerti deh! Apalagi denger kayak gini, bisa kencing di celana kali die...huehueheu...

But, I hope this is not the end of it, still more news to come...