[Jejak KakiKu]

Last Weekend

Its been a great weekend for me, and also tiring. *fiuuhhh*

Why? Because I got to meet my bestfriend with his new girlfriend... WOHOOOO!

Yes, its definitely you Rexy *wink*

But I start early on Saturday by going to work 1st, yeah, It sucks sometimes to go to work on Saturday, but...can't complain, right?

After work, I went to pick up my lazy n spoiled bro @EX, Plaza Indonesia. Stil can't decide what to eat. Then we went to eat Bakmi Gajah Mada just across Sarinah. Yumm...not bad...:)

Then we continue our trip to Tebet, went to my honey's place. Stayed there about an hour or so and off we go the the IKAPI book exhibit at the Istora Senayan...heheh...I got some mangas and he got one novel too..

Its just too little time and so many things to do that day, we haven't seen everything yet, but too bad that my bro's date already called. We can't ask a lady to wait, right? :)

We walked from Istora to PS. 'Cause last Saturday, that area was packed. There's 3 exhibitions being held around that area.

Wadoohh...dah mulai belibet nehh...sisanya pake bahasa Indo deh :D
Udah gitu, pas sampe depan pintu masuk PS, dengan santainya dia bilang ok deh sis, gue ke kanan yah!


Ya udah deh. Gue juga mencoba mencari tempat enak, dan ternyataaaa semua cafe PENUH!!! walaahh...akhirnya berdiri bentar di cafe Olala, sambil nungguin Rex. Akhirnya dapet juga bangku kosong. Dan hot chocolate di Olala tuh enaksssss...hhohoho...gak cukup segelas bow...

Untung ada komik, jadi bisa sambil baca deh!

Gak lama Rex nongol, kita ngobrol banyak. Cerita juga banyak. Sambil minum bir tentunyaa...busedd its been a while kayaknya gak pernah minum alcoholic drinks :) tapi seru karna sambil cerita, n gantunggggggg....! Padahal si Rex suruh beli satu rit lagi tuh, ugh!

Overall, I'm happy to met 'em again, especially got to know Mita :) she's very pretty, naive, caring and so in love with Rex. That's definitely the key. Hope this one will be the ONE...heheh...and by the way Rex, if you read this...have I ever told you that I KNEW IT you guys will be dating from the 1st time you told me about this girl name Mita?

I'm happy for both of you :)



  1. Ummm....

    Did you know?


    Yeepppp.... guess you did know it...

  2. wah gila si rex katana dapet yg masih belom pernah yee
    atie2 deh tuh cewek ;p

    ooiii tante update nape hehehe
    udha akh eke mau ngetik dulu buat blog eke

  3. de, kayaknya gak perlu kale di komen seperti itu...:-s

  4. biarin si kodok ini hehehehe
    jarang2 kan dia laitin komen gw nyak! : D

  5. SUOMPRETTTT @#$%^*(&Q@(*E^@(&%*&^ %!!!!!!