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Long Lost Friend

Do you agree that when we have friends we have the world? hihii...

I know its too much to express what friend means, but to me friends mean alot! That's why I always try to be there for 'em if they need me, sometimes they even just picking me around. The sarcastic or the usual one.

2 days ago, I looked thru my going away book when I was back in
Disney Animal Kingdom I tried to call some of 'em but I think they moved out already or could be changing their phone #. But then I dun give up trying, finally one of 'em get thru!!

I'm so happy when I heard her voice from the other line, and were just keep saying Oh my god to each other...then I gave her my # and asked her to call me back, we talked about an hour and she has to go..

She looks so happy with her future husband, here she is..
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Her name is Jen and her bf name Jason
I'm happy for you, Jen!

Well, she was birds trainer. Now, she works at the Conservation Station, its part of the Animal Kingdom. Still working with some animals, not only birds :)

Nice to hear things from you, after all these years...geezz...
Time surely fly, but I'm glad that finally I can actually talking to you. Especially about our friends that already passed away. May they rest in peace. I'm glad I got to know 'em while they still alive and be part of it....