Geezz..its only been a week and everybody was yelling I'm not updating my blog. I'm sorry, I'm on holiday, remember? Other than that, I'm sure that I've mention something about my internet connection was suck last few days.

Well, I'm back now from holiday. I went to Bali with my parents for the 1st time. Yeah...yeah...you can laugh at me, but its true that this was my 1st time there. Anyway, I'm glad that I got a chance to take 'em together for a holiday. But pls remind me again not to go on holiday with parents again, especially with my mom come along...geeezz...she was like...argghh...can't find the words to describe it...

I can say this holiday was ok and tiring. I only had fun the 2nd day I guess, that's when I tried to do the parasailing at Tanjung Benoa! When its your turn it was fun up there, you're actually flying. BUT, there's big one here, the queue line was like hell! Its almost noon at the beach, and I'm waiting in line for an hour with no suncreen and no hats...hohohoho...oh yeah, I'm having a really good tan probably burned not tan anymore...:-s

The shopping was fine. Sorry guys, can't get you anymore presents since this holiday kinda bored to me and Bali was hectic, since its school holiday! Every where we go was packed!

But at least I got to see most of the tourist places! Went to Jimbaran for dinner, got to see this beautiful secluded beach at Dreamland. Also Legian, Uluwatu temple, Kintamani for lunch near Lake Batur and of course the Sukawati market and Kuta Beach. Too bad I think I'm too tired and exhausted to walk around the area. huehuehe...someday I'll go again.. probably, you guys can come along heheeh...

Will you?



  1. oleh2 nyentriknya mane sis
    hahahahaha geblek dah tuh baju.
    ntar tak kupak eke dufan nyak

  2. yeah, Bali...

    I miss that place...

    Kapan yah bisa jalan lagi ke sana...

    Paling enak emang sih kalo jalan ke sana rame-rame bareng temen dengan salah satunya anak Bali trus nginepnya di rumah temen tersebut atau saudaranya. Agak lebih enteng di kantong :p

  3. kapan2 yookkk :D
    heheh...iyah klo pergi rame² pasti enak lahhh...bisa explore beneran...namanya juga turis lokal :D