Finally, I finished 'em all four seasons of the TV series. The season finale just ended last week in the US & Canada. This situation makes me have to wait for the DVD a little bit longer. Arrgghh…can’t wait… I want more of Brian Kinney on my TV screen. I told my brother Ryo, I feel like I’m back to my teenage euphoria again. Just like when the New Kids on The Block and Tommy Page were famous. Geeezz…I know…I know sound really pathetic. But I dun care. Like one of the character in the movie said, fuck ‘em all! Bwahahhaha….

I can’t wait. Can’t wait to see when finally Brian asks Justin to get married. Huhuhu….
I look for the answer over the net, and read the entire series synopsis. FOUND IT! I can’t believe it! They’re not put Brian and Justin together at the end! Geeezzzz….Can’t believe it!!! But I guess I have too…


Last night, I slept for almost 12 hours, as a pay off staying up late on Saturday Nite watching Brian Kinney fucking lots of guys. Bwahahahah…


But other than that, I re-decorate my room on Saturday, its clean and no more mosquitoes now. I have more space for me to dance, sleep and move around. Still, there’s something that I want to change it. Get rid of the computer table. Buy a nice cute sofa and standing reading lamp, a bamboo drawer for my accessories stuff to go with it.

On Sunday, I went to Pasar Baru with my mom. Company her to buy new shoes. There’s going to be a charity dinner this weekend. So, she said she needs new shoes to go with her long skirt. *sigh she said, ‘Biar tua tapi tetep mesti gaya’ olalaa…..hueueheu...I agree mom…

Ferdi’s Project: DONE!

Yes! I finished it on time. The problem is how to send it? Heheh…I think I better ask him to go to Depok this weekend, it’s been a while since the last time I went to Campus. I hope that Rex and Mita will be happy to see me there. Or I can ask the bitches to get together too I guess…sound like a plan to me!

Fiuhhh…It’s a baby step for me to write today's story in English. I guess I’m going to make it as an English Monday. Hmmm….



  1. hush mbak! sadar woiiiii gila aj anih org dr kemaren sama si brian.]mending pikirin kapan nikah biar gue bisa di undang ;p

  2. bwahahahahah...yarinnn ajahhhhh...abis ganteng siyyy..huhuhu...