[Jejak KakiKu]

Is it hard to admit that you’re wrong and say I’m sorry afterward?
Or is it that hard to say thanks when you want to express your gratitude?

Sometimes I wonder why…

Call me old-fashioned or whatever you want to call me, but I always appreciate someone telling me the truth even if its hurt like hell, rather than telling me lies but when I found out about the truth all you can say is I’m sorry.

I guess that’s not the point of saying I’m sorry. I’ll be grateful to accept apologies if the person tell me first what’s going on rather than I discover something about the matter later on.

I know sometimes we live in a world of denial. But we can’t live in denial forever; for once can we just say something that makes us feel good about ourselves. Like saying thanks when a person help you out or offer you a candy, probably? What’s hard about that?

But I figure it’s just a matter of habit. Do you have the habit to say thanks, I miss you, I love you, or even a simple sorry.


It’s just another mumbles of what I feel. So, mind me k?

One of my roommates married yesterday, I just can’t believe it, that she finally married to that guy. Well, I kinda know the story from the beginning and how she struggle with her family welcoming this guy. But I always like happy ending and I told her long ago to fight for what your heart tells you to do. I guess they survived the tests. I’m happy for her, truly happy! Congratulations my dear Tia.

So much for the weekend, I feel very lazy today. Dun feel going work, ‘cause I can’t seem to sleep well last nite, something bothering my feelings and the PMS also on the way but rather than I stayed home doing nothing but sleep, I change my mind. So here I am again, writing this blog in from my computer. Dunno what to do next.