We start this month with a long weekend. But I start this month with charity. YEY! The charity went really well, even only a few people that come to the orphanage.

I asked ‘em to choose the game they want to play. The result we have dance competition, bakiak and football. They’re all the WINNER. :)

Some of our friends are late, as usual. But I’m glad with the result, we can get together, even only a few of us, but we can share some laughs.

Some of the pics I took, that I want to share with you guys!

Thank you for your participation for making this charity worthwhile!
Especially for 'Kang Siomay n Bakso' also 'kang cendol' that can join us!

Its so FUN, FUN and FUN!!



  1. heheheh iya kayaknay seru.
    btw kok anak2 di sana cewek semua yah?

  2. iyah emang cw semua tuh, makanya pada ngeledekin si aDjie jadi pedofil, buka kaskus ajah :)

  3. emoh akh buka kaskus gue dr jam 8 pagi sampe jam 10 malem di sekolah and kalau salah pencet aja ke web yg ada porno bisa kena banned account gue. hikz udah dua anak kena banned