So here we go again, can’t believe that time surely flies, like blinking your eyes. It’s another wet season, when the months end with –BER soon the rain start falling. Starting from last nite I guess.

Go get your umbrella, guys! Be prepared before you get soak! :)

Nothing special over the weekend, watched Lord of the Ring: Return of the King with my dad. FINALLY! I got a chance to watch it; I know it’s been a long time, but hey! I dun care…hehehe…

So, what about your weekend?


There's some nice movie I watched over the weekend, lemme share 'em with you..

:Love Me If You Dare:

It’s a French movie. I like the boy character in the movie, he's good! The storyline of the movie is great. There's something similar to the NOTEBOOK about the ending, and the ending also make me confuse. I guess I'm not going to spoil it for you, you just have to see the movie for yourself so you know it later...

It’s just a game, for a while. Until it actually got into your veins and make it as a real thing and can change your whole life. They play the game for years until they're actually buried themselves in the concrete of cement.

Crazy huh? Indeed. But if its about love, nothing crazier than those people who is in love and willing to sacrifice their live for someone you love. Geezz...Something stupid you think? But it’s out there!

Just see the movie. I give 5 out of 5 for the storyline.

:A Lot Like Love:

Another love and romantic drama, I like it! Especially the end credit, there's lots of snap shot of the main characters in the photo booth, I really like those pics.

Its one of those happy ending movie, if you’re not the kind of person that like happy ending movie, then…you know…don’t watch this one.
The story starts from the past to the present. You can actually see the difference of the character as the time frames changed.

Oliver or Ollie (Ashton Kutcher) saw this girl (Amanda Peet) 7 years ago at the airport, seems they’re going to the same city. He’s checking the girl while he waits for the plane. Then the girl knew it. As the story goes, something happened at the mile high club...*oops* that make Ollie can’t forget this girl. That time Ollie gave the girl his parent home #.

That’s where everything starts. Also the friendship they have.

I laughed at the scene when they parked at the National Park and the next morning one of the officer ask ‘em to leave huehueheu…

What an entertaining movie!
I give 4 out of 5 overall.



  1. Arghhhh!!!
    gue waktu ke mangdu cari tuh DVD ndak dapet huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu
    gue di rekomen banyak org tuh love me if you dare

    hehehe a lot like love gue kagak suka pas endingnya rada2 gimane gituh

  2. KEREN BANGED! Love me if you dare..huhuh...loe mesti nonton deh..hehehe...gak ada yah disono? :D

  3. ada sih cuman kan itu foreign movies jadi rada mahal dvdnya at least 45 bucks
    btw wuklan dah balik dr hari minggu cuman dia bilang jgn kasih tauk mei takut suruh masuk kerja and gue lupa nitip ;p
    abis dia telp gue pas udah mau cabut ke bandara huuhuhuhu

  4. hayaahh...alesan banged dah! Padahal si rhe dah selesai tuh kursusnya senen kemaren!

  5. dih beneran si kuntil kan kalau telp suka ngak tauk diri! udah gue bilang gua ada kelas jam 8 pagi, dia malah telp jam segitu pengen gue cekek tuh anak. sms doi ndak isa pake. sekali telp jam 8 malem bilang udah mau cabut indo huhuhu