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For men:

1. Always open the car door for her.

2. Make her feel incredibly special at every opportunity.

3. Send her a fancy invitation to a night out with you.

4. Whisk her away to somewhere special or sentimental one weekend.

5. Send her flowers and love notes regularly.

6. Make an effort to secretly find out something that she has always wanted to do and arrange for her to do it with you.

7. Pull out her chair for her at a restaurant.

8. Give her your jacket if she even so much as hints at being cold.

9. Always compliment her on her hair and clothing.

10. Send her a special thank you card after the date to let her know you had a great time and would like to do it again.

11. Leave a red rose on her car seat for her.

For women:

1. Tell him how good he looks.

2. When you look at him, smile warmly.

3. Let him know you really appreciate the effort he is making.

4. Surprise him by finding out everything you can about something that he is interested in.

5. Be extroverted and openly interested in what he is doing or saying.

6. Don't talk too much about yourself but find areas of common interest to talk about.

7. Send him a special thank you card after the date to let him know you had a great time and would like to do it again.

8. Leave a note on his car to let him know that you were thinking about him.

9. Wear something extra-special on a date just for him.

10. Buy two tickets to an event he is interested in and take him with you.

11. Make him look good when you are out in public together.

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I've been reading their stuffs as you can see. Heheh..kinda amused me tho..I share some of 'em with you, if you dun mind. As for the above lists about perfect date or romantic date is it really happened?

I just saw 'em in the movie...heuheueh....and wish that I can get a guy that can treat me just like 1 to 11, but then again I'm gonna think is he gay? heuheuheueu....its just too perfect, I guess...

But if there's really someone that had the experience, hope you don't mind share it with us here, just like my friend Crystal that becoming a princess for a nite when Jarod asked her hand in marriage.

I just hope that all of you have lots of love to share and to give to others! :)

Can't believe I'm talking about love while there will be Halloween not Valentine's.

Oh well...