"Cool Girl" DON'Ts:

Cool Girls DON'T exaggerate about what's going
on around them or what a man's doing, unless they're doing it as a joke or to make fun of a man in a playful way.

Cool Girls DON'T say everything that they're feeling and experiencing. They think before they speak.

Cool Girls DON'T mention bad situations, issues or problems from the past unless it's a total "must" or extremely important and they haven't been able to talk about it yet. They find the right time for them AND their man to talk. Otherwise, Cool Girls live in the present moment.

Cool Girls DON'T try to FORCE a man to talk about his feelings. They know that it will only backfire and he'll think she's being needy and close off.

Here's a few of the "cool girl" Do's:

Cool girls choose not to complain or talk about things for too long that are not other people's responsibility or impossible for anyone to solve, given the current situation.

Cool girls bring funny positive thoughts and feelings to situations to create an experience that men will want to have again and again

Cool girls know that they don't have to control much with the situation around them for their own comfort and to get the outcomes or responses they want. They're willing to go with the flow when it comes to social things, but make assertions when they have opinions and ideas.

Cool girls have options and things to do that keep them satisfied so they don't feel like they're left out if they're not invited to something.

Cool girls prefer that a man makes up his own mind; They don't try to make a man do something he says or she can tell he doesn't want to do.

Cool girls DO know that the way they feel and talk about themselves is how men will feel about them.

So are YOU a "cool girl?"

By Christian Carter
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