There's a story behind every photograph. For some ppl it doesn't mean anything, just a photograph. But they never know the significant of that picture if the owner never tell others about it.

I had this pic, one of my fave one. Its a pic of me still with long hair. One day I just found it in a box full of old photographs. I took it, and post it at my office cubicle.

But, I just realize it a few weeks ago, that IT'S GONE!
Dissapear like a dust!


I dunno where should look for it again, but I have a lil bit of conviction, that one of the office's boys took it...

Susah emang klo jadi orang sedikit 'beda' pasti ada ajah deh! Kenapa gak yang kerenan dikit gitu yang 'nembak' ato 'suka' ma gue...
kenapa juga mesti OB :-s well, gue gak menyalahkan juga siy klo rasa suka itu bisa ada, tapi takjub aja pas denger dia brani bilang ma gue beberapa waktu lalu...


sekarang klo foto gue raib begini, sapa lagi klo bukan die yang gue salahin? Mana pake acara SMS ngajak nonton juga lagee....