Have you ever met a stranger that you feel comforable to be with?
Have you ever talked to a stranger for more than two hours and you still wanna talk for all day long?
Have you ever missed a stranger that your barely meet?
Have you ever walked with a stranger and you don't mind to walk another thousand miles again?
Have you ever had the feeling so good without any expectation?
Have you ever done super duper silly things with a stranger and the end of the day it felt so damn good?
Have you ever felt a strange feeling and it's not bothering you at all?
Have you ever imagined a stranger be with you and it was a damn a good picture?
Have you ever wanted a stranger to be your best friend ever for the rest of your life?
Have you ever seen yourself could not stop smiling when a stranger accross your mind?
Have you ever known exactly what you feel about a stranger?
Have you ever had the feeling of knowing that you care for a stranger but in the same time you know precisely it didn't work out, and you are okay with it?
Have you ever had the answers for all the questions above?
Because for me, my answer would be "Yes, I have."

thanks for maafinakuyah for posting it in my poem thread :)