Sometimes one never know what actually the big Guy up there create our lives, some are good some are bad, but it always in equal conditions. However, that’s just my opinion.

It has been 2 months since I’ve been introduce to someone really nice, charming, mature and beautiful. She’s someone from far away land, Cape Town, South Africa...

She said it’s the land of mountains and seas, but I said it’s really a beautiful country! By the way, her name is Hayley. *Say Hi to Hayley, guys! :D*

Last week she has this thing known as broken heart, people that have been in love sure know how it feels. At least, I know how she feels, since I’ve been into that situation not to long ago. What hard sometime is when you know that you can’t actually be there in person for your friend, in this mellow situation. Things that sometimes I wish I had too. Some friends that can just sit and ease you for a moment.

Sit in a room talking about how bad that person treat you,
How wonderful he was once,
Sipping hot chocolate with marshmallow in it,
Crying your heart out while I cried with you and hold you tight,

Then after that, we should go to the club, find a good entertainment, and dance all night long then in the morning, we got major hangover! Hahahah…

I wish I could be there when you feel blue, but hey! I know you survived, no matter how bad your heartache, you can always get up and cheers somebody else’s life again. Just like you did to mine. ‘Cause you have that smiles that can turn a bad mood into a good mood! You also said to yourself that you have an attitude and you know how to use ‘em…
One thing good about this after-breakup-situation is enjoying your single life! You still have lots of years to stay fun and hanging out, as long as you’re not going crazy by it *grin* hhahaha…

Now, what do you think about using the attitude to yourself? 
I know, it isn’t like snapping your finger to forget everything about him, infact you can’t actually erase ‘em from your life, ‘cause no matter how bad he treats you, he was part of your youthful and wonderful life.

It hurts like hell, I know. All the places, songs, things, and TV serials especially pictures still remind you of him. However, I’m sure everything will go back to normal soon enough. Don’t worry I’ll be here when you need me, you can always write your heart out even SMS me if you have a ‘lil bit of airtime and I’ll try my best to be there for you, even when we separated by oceans and lands still the spirit of friendship can’t be separated by anything! It’s a lifetime guarantee!

Let’s grow this friendship forever, so when its time for me to leave this world and we’re no longer be in touch ‘cause of something we don’t even know anymore. I can always be proud to say thanks for coming to my life and share yours with me. Moreover, I’m sooooo glad you’re in my dash! 
I’ll come find you someday and hugs you for real! How’s that sound huh?! FUN!? Hell yeah!!! :D South Africa, here I come…!

PS: and that goes, for you too dear friends that already read and put some comments here  I’m so glad to have you as part of my life!



  1. It's me Hayley!! I really love your work Meita!! You have a talent and you use it well!! I hope I'll be seeing more of your creative work!! And I'll see you soon in Cape Town!! Miss and love you XXX

  2. its a pleasure for me to write you this. Well, I promise you that I make one, so there u go :)

    Glad you finally like it :)