Everyone in this world know that one would never know what the future hold for us, all we can do just following days gone by, with the fire in our hearts to finding what we want and what were looking for.

Some of us dream for the impossible and still carry on fulfilling them,
However, some of us just getting tired to pursue what they actually want and just leave it behind and looking for another goal to conquer.

We learn from childhood that if we want something that impossible, our parent would say that right through the head that we can’t ever reach it, and we live for the rest of our life with that feeling that we can’t ever fulfill something that impossible. While on the other hand, if we really want it to happened, it WILL.

It’s just a matter of time when and how were going to fulfill that goal. The only thing that we have to do is NEVER GIVE UP. Just believe in yourself that someday somehow that dream will come true. Bring that fire in our hearts always, because you never know when you actually expect the unexpected it actually come true.

Once I never believe that dreams do come true. That I finally be able to walk in Manhattan, visiting the most fancy city in the world and actually climbing to the Statue of Liberty. Eventually I did. Those are the moment that I will not trade to anything in this world.

So, if you do have something in life that haven’t come true, please keep that fire alive in your heart, cause you never know when it actually come true just hope and believe that at the end it’s a happy ending stories.

I know this is sound so na├»ve, but I’m the kinda of person that somehow believe that there is a fairytales, why don’t we make our own? Therefore, we can tell our children and grandchildren and our next generation our own legend.

Just carry the fire in your heart from now on..