December is always be my mom's month. 'Coz everything a mother could celebrate really on this month, at least for her. A b'day, and there's Mother's Day not long after that there's Christmas. What a festivity, you think? No? kekeke...

Anyway, today is her b'day :) I asked my sort-of-cousin order a tiramisu cake for her. Still dunno what's the plan for tonight tho. But probly just a simple dinner with her that's all.

Dear Mom,
I haven't prove anything or even make you happy probly. But I'm sure you know that I do love you, with all the happiness in this world. There's nothing in this world could change how I feel and the need to make you the most happiest person.
I need you to trust me, again. Despite all the things you've said and told me that I'm ignorant. I'm not. I will always love you with all my heart and soul, dear mother. Forever. I want you to know that or maybe someday you would understand why I act the way I did. Have a wonderful birthday, mother...

Mei :)