There's nothing at this moment that I can give you as a real present except this note. You've been asking for a long time that you want me to write something about you, so here it goes:

NEVER cross my mind that our friendship will turn out like this. Time surely flies, don't you think? Its been 5 years! Since our first 'encounter' at one of the biggest Indonesian Forum now. Back then, it wasn't this big :) start from replying comments after comments then we start chatting. A while ago, Y!M wasn't user friendly as we use it now and where am I that time also doesn't help. I was still in Kalimantan waiting for a new job that should be assigned soon. But I guess, the news from the head office kinda took so long. I spent more of my time at that Warnet near the town church.

Chatting with you really make my day fly by so fast and not thinking about how bored my day was cause I can't do anything and how am I going to spend my day without being in the boredom, but then after few hours we finally made that pact. Brother and Sister :) hope it stays FOREVER!

The good thing about this friendship is that we hardly see or talk to each other, but that doesn't mean that we're not thinking about each other. This blog is one of the 'tool' of us sharing our heart out, I guess. At least, by reading to each other blog's you know what I've been thru and vice versa. Then when we have time to chat, we always chat for hours talking nonsense and mock at other ppl. Its the quality time that counts. Also when you're take some time to be here, we will enjoy most of our time becoming child again. Went to the photobox, hanging out to Dufan, went to stupid movies also make you jumped on a bus in the crack of noon and see you sweating all over not because of sex but cause the bus is a non-ac one. hahahah...

Thank YOU for coming into my life and shared all the most important and happiest also crappy life of yours with me. Its always a pleasure to have such a brother and a friend like you. Nothing more that I can expect from someone else to have such a unique and crazy character like you.

But the most honorable thing is I can actually SEE you changed! From a boy into a more reasonable boy. Hahah..sorry, can't say you're already a man, since you're not. At least, not yet. *grin* just like the title one of Britney's song, just change it a bit. hahahah...

So, until we meet again sometimes, you take care yourself.
Don't be so harsh with yourself or to others cause you NEVER know what the future holds for you. May you have a wonderful BIRTHDAY, I'll be here waiting to celebrate it with you later!

Here's a present from me to you and this message will stay here until then...

Gosh, you make me feel so emotional writing this one! Btw, don't you have any pic of us together?

Picture taken courtesy of Deviant Art: GoblinQueeen




  1. Hello sis!!
    waduh! thankiu sooo much loh buat tulisannya!
    gua terharu bacanya!

    I really can't say anything..
    I lost on words...

    I am reallyyy looking forward to meet you at jakarta..

    start counting down deh hehehehheeh e

  2. hahaha...anything for you my dear brother :) nothing more than I can give you except pure words :)

  3. iye deh!! eh di translate ke 12 bhs doung :D

  4. maksudnya? supaya apaan? loe pake aja babelfish, terjemahin sendiri :P