So, here I am again. Completely aware that I don't have anything particular to be written. But, its been a while since the last time I write something in here while the month almost end.

Nothing much going on with me actually. Accept, I'm happy to know that my dear bro is here already, he said he's sick tho. But, why can't he called me instead of sending me sms from unknown cell #. Oh well, as long as I know he's here, I guess.
Get well soon, dear. I can't wait to see you and hang out. Have you watch GHOST RIDER? hohoho... its a cool movie!

I bought some DVDs too,
Finally I got to watch HEROES :)

Hahahah...meracuni Pondok Ripi dengan DVD HEROES.

The TV broken again, shit! I hate this when it happens. I just spent some of my money on it. NOW, I have to spent more. *sigh...
You know what I hate, is to have a brother that can't take care about things that NOT belong to him. Geezzz...

Guys hmm...this always been an issues.
But I guess, I prefer to keep it low :)

I just love being with my friends at the moment, being love and cherish with 'em!

Udah akh, belajar menulis bahasa Inggrisnya. Udah mulai gak jelas soalnya.
Yang jelas seh, PMS itu bikin idup sengsara deh. Karena gara-gara PMS banyak hal yang gak perlu di parno in malah jadi parno. Bete banged. Sampe ada yang bilang, 'you're stupid when you're on your PMS, this is not the Mei I know' mateee deehhh!

Rex ultah tgl 1 lagi binun mo ngasih kado apa yah?
Yang jelas gak bisa dikunjungin, karena biasanya dia pasti akan pake waktunya buat merenung deh. Tapi yah, gak tau untuk taon ini :)
Bisa jadi dia malah pulang ke Bandung. Merenung disana. Mungkin bikin tulisan ajah yah, karena klo tulisan itu sepertinya abadi deh heheh...

Tapi liat nanti deh masih blum ada rencana apapun, biasanya klo keq gini pasti dadakan semua rencananya :)

Lagi musim sakit, tapi kenapa gue gak sakit-sakit yah? huehuehe...
orang yang sakit malah pengen sehat, yang sehat malah pengen sakit.
Abis gue rasanya cape banged. Butuh liburan beneran deh. Tapi gak pengen potong cuti.
Sepertinya susah yah? hehehe...

Oh Mei, shut up now, will ya?



  1. yo olo bo.. finally nonton heroes juga.. wakakakkah