Sometimes we can’t just believe in anything.
Especially when starting to believe in someone.

However, do you always need a reason to believe?
Can you just believe in something without doubt?
Can you just trust in anything without even asking?

Sometimes we can,
But, mostly we can’t.

Until we can trust ourselves to do the right things
and say the right words the others and do the act of kindness sincerely
It’s hard for us – human – to trust each other…

Still I hope someday we can be a BETTER PERSON,
And making this world a BETTER PLACE to live in for the future…

But trust me, when you really trust you believe system,
ANYTHING will come true.

It is happening! :)



  1. Believe in someone is a risky thing. But, it's not a "real life" if you never have a courage to take risks.
    The most important problem is not how to absolutly believe, or to give your heart completely, but to find someone deserve it, someone worth it. It hurt to find that, someone you hope to wipe your tears, is the one make you cry. The worstest side of a man is, to make a woman fall, but never really want to hold it.
    So, it's good for a woman like you, Dear Mei, to have three hearts instead just one.
    The first heart would be given to whole world, while the second would be exclusively presented to your beloved one.
    But the third, keep it yourself, never give it to anybody, anywhere, anytime.
    It would be your only safe place to hide, to recover, if the worst scenario come to your life and love story.

    Tamu setia? Siapa yg ngga betah di rumah yg warm and welcome like this one of yours. ;)

  2. @Bang Toga,
    heheh..makasih yah, Bang!
    Komentarnya bikin aq jadi melankolis abiesss...
    thanks alot for always being here, I feel safe 'cause there's always someone be here for me :) its not like you're stalking or something :p

    Thanks alot Bang!