Jangan lagi kau sesali keputusanku
Ku tak ingin kau semakin kan terluka…
Tak inginku paksakan, cinta ini…

-keris patih – Tapi bukan aku–

Lagu itu sudah bergaung begitu lama, tapi sepertinya memang menghadapi kenyataan itu gak gampang. Mengakui apa yang sejujurnya dirasa oleh diri sendiri itu tidak semudah membayangkan jika benar terjadi apa adanya. Tapi sekarang terasa lebih lega dan mungkin membahagiakan, karena kita memang sudah menyadari bahwa status yang dimiliki hanya membuat belenggu dihati

People always leave. They do, eventually. However, the good and great memories remain ‘till the end of the journey. It’s hard to admit this is over, and it’s too early for me. However, I grieve for one day and pour everything out. I guess that's more than enough :)

Now, we can be HAPPY. I can say that now, ‘cause it seems we can only be friends even with the needs of each other’s benefits later on. So, I learnt something from this journey, that go whatever you heart says. If its say NO from the first time, don’t push it through the limit, ‘cause its not going to worth the efforts.

Now, I try to listen to my heart

Sorry, for all the trouble dear friends! *hugs* :)
Thanks for taking care of me so preciously, especially you Rex
Thanks for always become my so-called guardian angel

As for you my dearest Cuplis :), I really wish you all the best for EVERYTHING you plan for you future, as for my advice, please please please find what your ambitions and what DO YOU WANT in life, have sometime for your own sake will ya? So, I hope someday somehow it’s not only ME that could be PROUD of what you’ve done in life, but your surroundings too. Luv ya, always. I promise you one thing, right? To me, promise will always be a promise and the contract for eternity :) You can count on me on that one…



  1. beautiful, even 4 me yg ra ngerti opo sing happen there. :)

  2. hahah..bisa aja si abang, coba cari dong lirik lagunya yang diatas...:D mungkin jadi bisa tau...hehehe..