I’ve been hanging out with lots of long lost guy friends lately. Some of ‘em I haven’t see almost more than a decade. Its good to catch up again. To be able to share things that we missed. To see the changed in ‘em also the shocking truth they shared. Especially, those relationship fairytale.

There’s always something that you can learn listening to their stories.

Sometimes when you hanging out with guys a lot, there’s something in you – as woman – can cope with ‘em. BUT there are also lots of women that can’t understand why men think differently?

Along the life I live in, sometimes I can understand ‘em completely and be patient with their characters, sometimes I just want to be a woman. They said, women created to be fooled. I do agree with the thinking, sometimes :D base on the women bonding and sharing, we – as women – do tend to be fool. Even when we already know that, it is stupid and being fool, we just close our hearts and eyes.

What can be more fool than that?

Am I talking base on experience? Yes, I do. I was one of those foolish women. As life goes on, you know that something that don’t kill you, won’t hurt you that bad. So, with every single foolish act you HAVE to learn, try NOT to fall into the same hole again. If not, you’re worst than a donkey. But, don’t worry, I’ve been worst then a donkey too…hahaha…

For the past months, I’ve been learning lots about life and myself. I know that’s not normal for some people, even one of those guys think I’m crazy enough to be in this kind of state. But, I'll do ANYTHING just to make myself HAPPIER than EVER. Reading some books, do help, sometimes. A friend of mine said something like, “Maybe if I dun know who I’m talking to, I’m going to say you’re PATHETIC!” but then he made me laugh with another remarks he made. Thanks, for making me laugh, ‘ndu!

Some of my guy friends commented whoever the guy that I’m in love with, must be a luckiest guy on Earth, but I don’t think that’s what the guy that I’m with thinking when he’s with me. I know that I’m too dominant, sometimes. Fortunately, I have been dating younger guys for the past years. So, if I’m too dominant, it’s just that I can’t stand the spoiled and ego in them when it arises.

What I thought as a Prince Charming, becomes a frog
What I thought as a Knight in Shining armor, becomes coward

Is it that bad? NOPE! For me they're still my Prince Charming and my Knight in Shining armor. ' Cause to me, first impressions always important, if somewhere along the path they changed shape, I guess I'm the one that have to deal with it.

Can't blame 'em, right?

Let's say that I watch too much of romantic drama, you name ‘em. However, I just wish that they can learn from those dramas? About the words, acts, and situation. From time to time, those dramas are reflections of our own lives.

One thing that I should bear in mind about guy is that he would know how to treat and appreciate woman, when he's really in love with one. Even the greatest lover like Casanova, treat each woman like a princess! I hope you're NOT mixing the REAL Casanova with the Hollywood Casanova. You know what a movie played by a famous actor can turn history into another perception.

So, guys, learn to be a Casanova for once in your life, k? 



  1. Lover, not women, that created to be fooled. But indeed, it's only women deserve to be called as lover. Remember, when I told you to keep ur 3rd heart, cos a man will never giving his heart completely.
    Yeah, there're exceptions. And when a man loving a woman with every beat in his heart, just like most women did, he will be easily fooled too.
    Now about Cassanova.
    Again it sounds like a bad news. Make your choice: a cassanova, that treat every woman like a prince, or a man that only love a woman, but don't even know how to make her happy.
    Pria yg asyik sekaligus setia, jelas makhluk langka, entah2 udah punah...

  2. well, the truth is I want my man to treat every women like princess, but doesn't mean that he can't keep his heart ONLY for me, right? :)

    Call this a whisful thinking, but I do believe that even with how rare that kinda guy, I'm sure. He's out there, waiting for me...