I'm sorry for your lost, my dear friend Sis *hugs*

Another dear friend of mine lost her mother. Only in days that I have to come visiting my girlfriends in grieve. Their both lost their mothers.

No words can express the grieve they feel, when time actually took their mothers away. But, something strange always happend in this kind of situation, where family and friends will get together, and it seems like a reunion.

To find a long lost friend, to see some people that we didn't know but get introduced at the end. I sometimes think only in this kind of situation that we should thank the person whose in grieve.

I hope their both ok, now. I can see Sis already let go of the grieve.
But one thing for sure, that you'll never be alone...
'Cause you know that FRIENDS will always be there for you!

I'm sorry that I can't come to the funeral today, but I'm sure you know that my heart is with you. Now, your mom and dad can be happy as they we're...