I don’t know when,
But you’ve captured my heart
And its hard for me to let go
As if you’re already there my whole life

Seize it forever and let me melt with yours

[MW, September 26, 2006. 11:56]

Jangan marah
Kalau kubilang
Kau bukan segalanya
Karena memang itu adanya
Kau bukan segalanya
Kau itu satu-satu nya
Karena segalanya pun

Tak bisa gantikan mu..

Noa, 2004

It's the moment when everything just stopped
That is when I first saw you

The smile that can make the blue mood gone,
The laugh that can make the pain go away,

The moment that I missed the most
Just to see you smile and hear you laugh again

Until that day arrived I really want you to dream everyday

[MW, October 2, 2006, 14.47]

Jika sudah tidak ada lagi langit dan hanya ada kegelapan
kita pasti tetap bisa bertemu karena hati yang bercahaya menuntun kita

[MW, 29 September 2006]