Lately, I haven’t been able to write anything. ‘Cause I’m sorta preoccupied with these serial novels *I'll tell it about this one later*. I’m sorry. For the past months, I’ve been using more of my English than I’m using my Indonesian. As usual, this situation kinda makes me ‘lost’ the ability to write in Indonesian, *sound silly? It is!*. I could, but the result will not really as satisfying as I want to.

That’s why I’m writing this one in English :)

It’s the overwhelmed feeling to be able to write again. There are lots that I want to share. But for the moment I’m just going to grasp the feeling of contentment. Feeling of abundance and feeling so good towards everything.

Those are the good feelings, I know. Nothing would make me feel this way again, rather than to think about the future. What I’ve been planning all these time. Finally there’s an answer within myself that really agree with my decision.

I’m thinking going back to the States :)

A friend already offers me to visit her and she’s willing to help me out, when I get there. It’s really fascinating! Even to think that we’re going to see each together again. I don’t know how to describe how I feel this moment, it’s just overwhelming. More like the feeling of falling in love, all over again from the first time you laid eyes on someone you love. I guess, that’s more of the feeling that I have right now. *grinning*

Not to be able to use English for daily basis, really slow me down on the subject. I’m starting to make some mistakes as the first learner. Thanks to JCT that really has the patience helping me a lot with these tenses and grammar. I know that I’m far from perfect and yet life is about learning new things. Some just said I’m really good, I can’t say I’m not though *wink*. It’s just that you need to get over the compliment sometimes, just to give your attention back to what you’re suppose to.

I’m learning it all over gain. Read more than a thousand pages of novels, also helpful. I need to keep the Maryamah Karpov aside for a while. So, when I’m finished with the novels, there’s another book waiting. But, reading English novels were not the only tools, though. But also chatting actively, voice chatting also watching movies without the Indonesian subtitle *grin*. I feel like I’m getting back to the situation where I used to be. Being able to use my English on the daily basis. I’m glad and I’m happy. This is kinda cool, I thought.

Well, this is just a start for the English entry.
I hope there’s many more to come...

Pardon me for the language inconveniences for some of you, doesn’t really means to show off or something. I just need to follow my instinct to write. Something that I’m capable to do and I’ve been putting it off lately.

If you’re all asking do I missed everyone?
Of course, and absolutely!

Enjoy the long weekend and have a wonderful year of the Ox!

This one is also a special thank you note for you, Chris! *Big smile*



  1. Good job :) -JCT

  2. geee...thanks for the short comment, Sir :P

  3. why do you make a decision to go back to the States?

    is Indonesia that bad for you?

    or it's hard for you to leave all bad memories behind while you still in indonesia? hmmmm....

    don't forget me when you back to the states someday....and don't forget how to make a poem in bahasa....

    i miss your poems though....

  4. Poems? It's always there tho...
    just posted a new one yesterday :)

    It's not about good and bad about thinking going abroad, dear...
    Just try to experience the differences while still can :)