So, I finished reading ‘em all.

But, I got a confession to make. First time I saw the movie, I didn’t know that it’s taken from a best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer. Can’t you believe it? *grinning*

Well, it’s true though. I’m interested to watch it because I read the synopsis. The idea about a vampire falls in love with a human, fascinate me. I don't know, IF it’s going to be like one of those teenage movies, complete with all the drama. Yet, it's still interesting, despite the distractions that occurred. *Boss called during the show*

After a while, I realized it. The movie actually based on a novel. So, I'm starting to find the next book to be read. At first, I only got the translation one, so I rented it. Then again, thanks to a wonderful friend that was willing to give me the e-book. *Thanks Cupcake!* I start to downloaded ‘em and can’t stopped reading it after it’s finished.

Now, here I am, trying to find another book to be read again.

I mentioned about reading more than a thousand pages of novel, before. Well, this is it, the novel about the TWILIGHT SAGA. To be honest, I didn't read the first book. Since I already watched the movie, but I still want to buy ALL of the series. I guess, those are pretty good for another books collection.

Or is there anyone out there, would like to buy the book for me? Let's say as a V-day present? *giggles* I think a girl can wish *wide grin*

Any one read ‘em yet? Translation or the English one? Let’s share! :)



  1. there should be four books as far as i know. it also includes "TWILIGHT" as the part of the "SAGA"-thingy.


    Why don't you try to translate Laskar Pelangi tetralogy into English? It's a phenomenal books though...LOLz...

  2. it carefully, dear one...

    kan udah dibilang, buku pertama itu gak dibaca, tapi nonton.
    makanya gak di masukin gambarnya, instead I watched the movie


  3. this one is an A-

    YES!! Finally after all those B-, I got an A. Well, it's arduous. But, I'm going to get the real A!

    Just wait and see :)