Soon, the 2011 will leave us. Its time to say goodbye to the days we went through.

Farewell. Ending. Just the word one afraid to face, sometimes. But, some says, end is good. Its the sign of new beginning, new start and new life. If that's what most people thought about something we use to be sad about, then I agree.

The year will end, but the new year comes. Are we ready to face it? Ready or not, we have to be prepared. Start writing your wish! NOW! *biggrin*

As for me, 2011, is a learning-process year. Why? Because I learn to love you with all my heart and soul, then I learnt to picked up the pieces when you destroyed it. Also learnt accepted you, as my beautiful mistakes ^.^ I never regret everything about being with you. Except at the end of us, why can't you be man enough to look me in the eyes, and said the words? Still, I'm accepting your silent apologies, in my heart.

We can still be friend, you know. Despite of everything you did, in my life, it passed. But, I want you to know that I NEVER pretend all my feelings for you. °\(^▿^)/° and now, I want you to know, I'm offering this friendship, forever. As I already promise you once, that I will be here and there for you, no matter what the situation...

Make peace with your heart, please. Because, I did! I'm totally OK now. Hopefully, someday, we can share the memories with laughter. One thing for sure, I will always be your friend, that's a promise. So, we can leave 2011 with smile on our faces. With good memories on our sides. I loved you, once. And I will love you again as a very dear friend...°\(^▿^)/°

After you're gone, I have to learn to accept loosing my job too! Very nice ending huh? :D I learn to accept, if someone give you prejudice, that's what you've got. No matter how hard you try to be good with them. When people don't like you. They simply don't.

So much things happened, since you left. Lots of stories to tell you too, for sure. But, I guess at the moment, I will take all the rain-checks you give me plus some of those you haven't even fulfilled. #eaaa (ˇ▽ˇ)――c

Let's start the new year with positivity with lots of abundant blessing. May the Lord always be with you...wherever and whenever, you are...

Bid Adieu 2011 - Bonjour 2012