“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Anonymous

I am planning to do just that! - but I'm not - yet it still my dream to be able to travel somewhere new once a year, sound like a great plan, right? *big grin* 

But this island indeed my third time being on Sumatra, one of Indonesia largest island. This time I got a chance to visit Belitung. Along with some of my previous trip friends and new trip organizer - I won't recommended - finally, I can see the beauty of this island.

As usual, I won't go into detail about how the trip goes or how are you going to go there etc. You find a lot of tips and trick already. But since you're already here, why don't you just try to read my experiences instead? 
When I'm going on a trip. I usually do not want to go to a tourist area. I don't really like the usual place. Because the regular tourist place will always be hectic and full of people. Therefore, sometimes going on a journey with strangers I just met, make me a little bit uneasy. But, since you're already paid the trip, all you have to do just move along with the rest of the tour itinerary. While you wish you will have a new travel experience, for sure.

It was not a very lucky day for us to be there, the weather was gloomy, raining and cloudy most of the day. So, this is my suggestion, don't go to Belitong during May-June. We only have one day of clear sky on the first day, after that was just raining all day.

One of the exciting moment for me was being able to visit the Andrea Hirata - Museum Kata. Unfortunately, the place is closed for renovation when we were there. Yet, it was raining hard when we passed this place after we went to the school. Still, rain will not stop up from taking any pictures. Can't you imagine the colorful facade, it's very Instagram-able place, but since it's raining, it's so hard to get the perfect angle to shoot. At least, there are some I can put in here to look at, right?

These giant stones really fascinating don't you think? But do you know how some of the area in Belitong have lots of these rocks? Here are some facts you can actually read. 

The appearance of granite stones in the islands of Bangka Belitung in the form large pieces of stones attracting attention. In geology, these giant granite stones are in fact is part of an igneous body rock that became the bedrock of western part of Indonesia which is called as batholith. Distribution of granite is actually not only found in Bangka-Belitung but also appeared in Riau Islands to the peninsula of Malaysia, as well as on the islands of Natuna. In addition to these places, the bedrock under the Karimata Strait to the South China Sea, including in the most western part of Kalimantan, also composed of granite. Geologically, the rocks of the Triassic age of this granite to lime, or formed between approximately 200 million years to 65 million years ago (Geological Map Sheet Belitung, Bj and Sidarto, 1995). This Rock is a result of the freezing of the magma that is acidic, i.e. with a high silica content of more than 65%.

Sorry, if the original reference actually in Indonesian, but you're more than welcome to find the English version of the study, though.
This lake also become one of the most visit places in this area. Because most of the place was the kaolinite mining industrial place, the lake looks like this because of the leftover of the mineral in the bottom of the lake.
This is the only nice weather when we first arrived and having lunch with a view like this. You're not going to regret the taste of the foods, as long as you can stare and take a bunch of picturesque moment, I guess.

Even though the weather was gloomy and the trip not really satisfying, still being in the water was one of the best things I can relate to this journey and of course being able to meet new friends too, and going to hundreds of stairs to the top of the old lighthouse. You're not going to believe how tiring it is to go all the way up and all the way down, for a person who hardly doing daily exercise, like me.

One day, I will be back here when the weather is great. Want to tag along? Just give me a shout out!

Happy traveling,



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