Last weekend was not really fun for me. Why? Because having a friend telling me of the heartbroken situation, not really a comforting one. Thankfully, I'm one of those friends who you can call, in time like this. I've heard so many stories and getting involved in some of them. Still, never get used to them crying their heart out, especially men.

Sometimes, I can understand when men confused when facing their ladies crying. I guess, I kinda know how confusing it was. You can't ever rationalize what they have in mind, but you can always feel the way they feel if you recall your experiences.

To me, broken heart is a wonderful feeling. Crazy huh?

There are moments in life when you feel the unbearable pain inside, you just want to die. You would do anything just to make it go away, nothing can help to ease the pain. Alcohols, lots of weed even cutting your wrists, you tried everything but none helping you. The pain lingers.

You convince yourself, the need of that one person to heal you. Only that one person, can help you get through this painful experience. Too bad, honey, that one person also the one causing you the painful heartbreak. Then, what should you do? Just feel the pain. Feel with all you might. No matter how unbearable the feelings, just drink it all in. Feel it with all your might, even I know it hurts like hell. Cry if you must, but convince yourself to get up and face the world after.

This is sound so easy to read, but it's really not. I can write and tell you this because I've been there, done that, for some amount of time in this lifeline. Being stupid and lost myself in between, until I don't even know who I really am, and who am I suppose to become.

One thing for sure, all of this will pass. I'm not saying it's easy but it will pass, then you'll feel alive again, at some point. But, always remember this unbearable pains, if you can't handle it anymore, do not give you all to the one you love, until you really find the one you can truly love.

Because when you believe, the universe will conspire to fulfill it. Do you even know there is no gold at the end of the rainbow? But, surely there is love and happiness.

I pray that you will constantly be happier,
I pray that the sorrow in your heart will subside, eventually,
I pray and hoping that one day you can forgive yourself for being stupid,
I pray that someday, you can understand there is a moment when you need to love and care for yourself, more than anyone in your life.

Life is full of amazing and scary surprises, and it's just only the way we encounter them,
will give meaning to what is scary or amazing.

So, here I am, wishing and hoping you will always have a great life ahead, amazing friends!