I know, I owe myself catching up some stories. Lots of stories to tell during the end of 2016. Yet, I can't seem to find myself writing anything in this blog. Now, I guess, as one of the resolution, I need to try, at least write something once a month, hopefully, this is not just a wishful thinking, again.

Promise to write all the late traveling thing in here, by giving you this short trip to Bandung, as a start. My best girlfriend needs to go for the weekend away because there will be a seminar for her thesis requirement, while I need a new place to get some pictures, from my Instagram collection. It's been ages since the last time I went on a road trip, so I'm excited to finally can leave Jakarta, even only for a weekend.

My friend chooses De'Halimun Guest House because it's closer to her seminar place. As for me, as long as they have free wifi, I'm taken care off #biggrin

We arrived a bit early in the morning, we thought we cannot check-in before noon, yet the nice lady at the receptionist is very accommodating, and we can check in, right away.

Just when I entered the room, I was so surprised, it's spacious and has this big window! I've been looking for in the old houses, back in the days. I'm just so happy to see this. Means, the process of taking pics will soon be arranged.

The room smell like a damp room, I guess, it's been a while since they open to room door or might as well the windows. Therefore, I opened the window, and look how gorgeous it is, actually!

I just laying down and just relaxing for sometimes, waiting for the other friend to hang out, while the other one already left for a seminar.

There is a leather sofa bench by the south corner of the room, and it's a bit spacious because the plan was to share the room with 3 of us until the other friend actually brings a husband-on-the-way. Should just tell us in advance so we can arrange another room for us. Anyway....

As the time flies, I was a bit hungry, but not really want to eat a heavy meal. I remember we can order something from the cafe. So, I get out from the room and see this beautiful settlement. All, empty chairs and tables, in white. For sure I took my phone camera and took this shot. It's just soo nice and comforting to see this. Don't you think it's a comfy place to chat over coffee and snacks?

I sit for hours and ordering some snacks and drinks here while waiting for the other friend to picked me up.

This snacks just my ultimate order in any restaurant or cafe that I don't really know yet how good the taste. So, this simple snacks always be my favorite. Because everybody will like to eat fries, and also for sure as long as they're not vegetarian, definitely goes by sausages.

It's only around IDR 25K for one serving. Quite affordable yet not too expensive even if you want to add another round, because still busy gossiping. Hehehe...

They have a quite various heavy meal, snacks, and drinks too. From Nasi goreng to Bandrek (local drink with gingery taste). The drink to warm your heart if it's cold #eaaakk

It's been drizzling since 3 PM, and it's getting colder, I wonder what will happen if it's getting hard during the night, I'm sure it will be freezing!




More information you can contact them here:
Jl. Halimun No. 12 Bandung
+62 22-7308023 / +62 22-302260
+62 898 718 6889

Below map will help you to the place, I hope.

Have fun travelling!