It's all started because of my friend Rani who just got back from traveling around the world opening an open trip to travel with her. The first time she posted it on her Facebook. I can't let go of my excitement to go. Then it grew stronger when finally she asked me for real to join the trip.

So, I did.

Everyone can dream about anything. I'm sure you have one in mind too when you read my first sentence there. I fulfilled some but this one just recently added to the crossed bucket lists.

Playing in the snow for the first time!

Started this year with a dream trip. After more than 10 years haven't been outside this country, suddenly I dare myself again to go.

So, here we go. I feel so excited yet afraid of things that will surprise me along the way. Because this is not only one step away to a dream but also a plan for something else. Future.

Incheon International Aiport

SOKCHO - to reach this place you still have 4 hours drive by public bus from Seoul Bus Station.

First time opening my eyes in the bus and this!

A must pose

hello, snow!
 I'm sure you have lots of information on the web on how to do the visa, itinerary etc in this blog you're not going to find that detail information. Sorry! I'm just going to tell you how to have a great trip with some people and have a great time.

One thing for sure it's your traveling group or buddy can cooperate and easy to work with. Especially if you do a backpacking. you definitely can't go with those spoiled brats you whine all the way no matter what the situation. This a big NO! Because you will be stressed along the trip and it's not gonna be fun and excited anymore.

It's better before you travel with some group or few friends, you let them know the condition or the trip. Like they will have to stay in the shared room because it's going to be cheaper. Tell them the reason too. We will be going on the public bus or train, because it's easier, closer to the places you want to visit or even just to let them experience with the local. Let them know every detail about being on the trip with you. If they think all the reasoning make sense, I'm sure there won't be any complaint during the trip. You can always hope for the best, right?

NAMI ISLAND - another 4 hours going to this area with train, bus or taxi from the train station.

very empty station - waiting to for the one to go to Nami Island

Gapyeong Station this is it!
From here, you still need to take a bus or even quicker by taxi it's only KRW 5,000,- just divided within the groups. The rides will take you around 20mins by taxi.
View from the ferry
  There will be ferry rides going to the island. It's only 15mins rides.
very slippery snow!

Winter Sonata
To me, this experienced will last. You can't ever forget your first of everything. Korea will be my first country which I will remember fondly.

PETITE FRANCE - not far from the Nami Island ferry gate, there will be a bus stop to go to this place only 30mins rides.

These are my funky groups
I guess those are some highlights about going out of Seoul. Will tell you another story when we are in town and what we see along the way. Still have some palace, place to shop, Namsan Tower and some more things.

Keep on dreaming!