For the past few weeks, I've been going back and forth to this place, more often. Until people and friends start asking if I just open a new business site or I work here. The answer to both of the questions I'll just drink to your wishes! #cheers

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious." - Ruth Reichl
Let me tell you a story about this place. For me, this was not just a hangout place. But it's more like a 'second home' for a long while. A place where you can meet strangers and become someone important. A place where you can just sit and laughed and cry with someone you just meet. Also, a place where you can bring along long lost friends even dates to have a great time. 

The place was small yet has a very rustic and old look, yet very warm and homey. 
Nineteen years ago, Om Ivan (the retired bartender) had a plan with his bartender friends, to open a hangout place for themselves. From nine persons until only three left, holding the court at the old place in Jalan Jaksa by the name of BFC (Bartender Fans Club). When I was still in College, friends happened to bring me along here. Then, a few years later the three musketeers have another plan, which is going separated way.

Some said the place change name and move to another one. But, nobody seems to know where. Until I finally get introduce to Melly's Garden at Jalan Wahid Hasyim Raya. Speaking of which, they're one of the three musketeers that change course to another and use Bunbun Melly's name as the signature place. Sometimes people have mistaken the owner's name with one of the Indonesia famous singer band. You know who, don't you? *big grin*

These pictures bring back all the memories, don't you think? I asked specifically for these photos to be posted in here. Because seeing these really take me back to that 'love corner.' The corner that has so many games and books if you're actually waiting for your friends to come. If you're too late, the all the games has been taken by others.

After five years, in this IBEC building, they were told to moved. Because the land actually being bought by some developer. I was afraid if they are going to get a new faraway place. Not that I won't go, I will; but won't be as often as I wanted to.

Don't you miss hanging out again to Melly's? Have you been to the new place? You'll be glad and surprise how the area is changed since last you were there.

The new location is at Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No. 37-39 nearby the MNC Tower or just click the link I just gave you for the exact location. Do not hesitate to go into the parking lot, when you start to wonder where I guess you're in the right place already.

All pictures from the old place are courtesy of Melly's Garden Facebook Page
So, this is actually the front entrance for the new location. If you're going inside the door there, you can find the coffee shop. Yeap, a coffee shop. They open a new range of Indonesian coffee now and start from early morning.

Want to know more about the coffee place? Stay tuned here!

 Stay awesome, darlings!