For me, it’s never easy to talk about myself. I don’t know why. I found it very weird. But, when you want to know about me I can quickly answer everything. So, just don’t! *biggrin* It still feel surreal that I finally leaving my 30’s – this is ever weirder because I feel like I haven’t achieved anything for the last decade. I can’t even say anything I can be proud about. Still, I really thankful for everything happened. Especially those things that make a positive impact on experiences in life.

On the religious side, I will always be grateful to God. No matter what the situation, He will always be my anchor to hold on to. Therefore, I am indeed blessed to be able to reach another age in this millennial year. When empathy is written on the social media, rather than being said directly. Where people more mobile than once before in the last 20 years. Where news travels faster than a lightning bolt, sure you experience this, also when hoax spreading more effective like incurable diseases throughout the whole nation.

A dear friend of mine once told me about being at 40. She was indeed glowing when she told me about her stories. I mesmerized by how she can tell me how fun yet challenging at the same time. The difference with my situation only the marriage part.
I am single, happy and ready to mingle 
Friends have been wondering and family member doesn't even ask me again about this status. I'm sure I have lots of them curious, but I am sure also the time is not right for me to distract myself from this kind of situation. I believe being in a relationship takes more of your time and attention, while my parent still needs more attention at the moment (yes, I still lived with them until this very moment)

Sometimes it's kinda scary to think about how time flies really fast. I still have a lot to achieve, dreams to fulfilled which I don't even know where to start. 

So, thank you for all of you who remember my birthday - which I never put a reminder in any social media I have. Thank you for all the prayers and wishes, I am glad I have you to share my day with. Never been party goers or going out to celebrate, I'm more a laid back person to spend my day contemplating about my life.