There’s hell in Hello, and there’s good in Goodbye – anonymous

Don’t break my heart before I give it to you| don’t tell me no before I ask you to| don’t say it doesn’t fit before you try it on| there’s too much to lose to be wrong

I never consider your kiss as a goodbye. But, it’s a ‘see you soon’ kiss. I know it’s going to be a long one and a half month for me, waiting for you to come back. But, it’s worth to wait.  The thought of you leaving just to come back, really ease the feelings. Because I know soon, I’m going to see you again.

And it feels like there’s something here| but I wanna see it before it disappears| and if there’s something real between me and you| well are we both open to

The way you said on that last night before you drifted to the land of dream, “It’s all you...’ really caught me. Even so, you tried very hard not to show your emotion with me, but I can really see through inside. You tried so hard to keep telling me that you still have an issue with your past.  Which I don’t really bother about it, the past stays in the past. While I’m here, breathe and be with you. Somehow what I believe is you still don’t want to admit, we do have a little something here.

All these possibilities| so many little possibilities| right in front of us| close enough to touch and far enough to have some time to see

The way you tricked me, mock and teased me said it all. The sweet unconscious things you said or did to me also proved that we have something here. Even I don’t want to rush to judge the feelings, but I know deep down, somehow, you do care for me. It’s the little things you said which somehow you’ll forget. But I know at some point when you said it you mean it. I’m glad I’m kind of impulsive the night we first met. But we still have lots of time in front of us.

Before you go on that plane, on the way to the queue line, you teased me again.
You said, “I don’t know what’s going on, but somehow, something about us works. Which is I can just say whatever without having to be feel something or think about it. While with the others, I’ll start to stutter.”

Those small things you said really makes butterflies in my stomach, and my heart skips a beat. Somehow I want to believe, you know it’s easy to make me happy. It’s the small things you do from the unplanned which can works like a charm to me.

You’re a wonderful person, a really nice one.  Yet, you try to hide those wonderful things, behind the silliness and craziness.  A true person who cares about people around him, yet you hide them for your own sake, so you’re not going to be broken again.

All these possibilities| Oh these possibilities| Are written in the stars | We are who we are, baby| And I can’t help but think that possibly | There’s possibility

So, believe in possibilities. YOU CAN be HAPPY!

Song lyric Freddie Stroma – Possibilities