Damn period!

That's the first reaction when I finally said yes to the invitation to one-day getaway. Because having the first day or two was the most uncomfortable one. Let alone need to travel. Anyway, I never actually traveling in such a rush. But this time I really need the quick trip away from this crazy town. I've been wanting to go to Jogja for a while. Can't seem to find the perfect time or just the money to go. When the time is right, the money not cooperating. When there's money, the timing was never right. That's why since this trip being paid for - I just said YES to the last minute.

I miss being in Jogja and hanging out with my dear friends who live there. Since the time constraint, I'm happy yet a bit sad won't  be able to meet them. I went during weekdays they're all working. I have to accept the facts.

Anyway, I went with four gentlemen. They're celebrating their work progress by going on a one-day trip. I was just the last-minute invitee.

I'm just happy to be able to take some of their pictures. Pretending to become a so-called-photographer, the least I can do to actually paid my free trip was with taking them nice pics.

These pictures of them were at the Taman Sari - a place for the mistresses of Sultan and the children, back in those days. This place open from morning until 5PM in the afternoon. My suggestion go there when the lights still up, so you will be able to take some good shoot. Still, if it's too bright there will be a chance for you to get lots of backlight too. That's happened when I was there. It was just too hot for a day in Jogja.

The least to say other than the hot weather, the ticket for the domestic is quite cheap, less than USD 1. I'm sorry didn't get a chance to ask and realize asking for the foreigner price.


We woke up really early for the sunrise and the hike to this place. It's a bit far from Jogja about 2 hours drive alone. Depends on your driver though. The place still in ongoing construction from the road to the homestays.

There was also a ticket price to go in. Just prepare some cash when you're planning to come to this place.

A small hill for 15 minutes hikes just to see the sunrise on Borobudur Temple from the other side.
First Light at Puthuk Sethumbu
Maybe it's only a one-day trip but to be able to have additional new friends and come back to Jogja after all these years just one hell of a nice trip for me. Finished the roll in my camera too and reload a new film of black and white. I cannot wait for the result.

Morning Coffee
Gorgeous Lights

Floating Leaves

Hopefully, your week also as great as mine!