Nasi Pecel
What if I tell you there's actually an alternative place for you to eat something healthy? Like vegetables and stuff? But, the clue to this place is a bit challenging. Why? Because it's a bit far from Jakarta.

But to my defense, if you're actually a food lover especially like to try the new culinary place, you come to the right place. This only open on weekend means Saturday and Sunday only from early morning. 

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The Souvenirs Shop

The name Mirama came from this souveniers shop. There is some food stall actually collaborate in front of the lobby of this shop. You can taste the original Indonesian food while you shop for more Indonesian snacks inside the store.

If you're the type of person who loves snacking and hand carries something for your friends and loved ones, this definitely the place for you.

You can't miss the exterior and interior for this place. The surroundings are full of carves and wooden statues, even to the decoration of the food stall. Definitely, something to show it off this is Indonesian souvenirs store like.

The Pecel Madiun Stall

Now, how can you resist this temptation?

Pecel is one of the traditional Indonesian food. This comes from Madiun, East Java. The usual ingredients are from vegetables, such as bean sprout, cucumber, fried red onion and the crunchy thing with nuts is Rempeyek. This is just a good addition to eat with this food.

The nuts sauce also a bit spicy, but it makes you want to try more with another side dishes of your own choices.

Komplek Ruko Galaxy
Jl. Sedap Malam, Jaka Setia, Bekasi Selatan
Open Saturday - Sunday ONLY
06:00 A.M - finished

Please, do come and visit this place when you're around the area.
Say Hi to the cashier at the Pecel for me, kay? Tell him I brought him, customers.