I learned the hard way to understand boundaries and privacy. Wasn't sure actually it's going to be like this. But, I completely aware of the consequences yet, I'm still crossing the lines.

We finally had that big argument. Completely understand I'm in a very wronged position but I'm not going to defend myself. Instead, I apologized in so many ways to him. 

Started out as a friend, I never think or even had the slightest idea we will get too close to each other. Yet, the normal way of getting close to someone is to know them better. Their behavior, their loved ones even their families. But, I guess with him was have to be in a different angle. I never realized it until it happened. Invading his privacy when he kept it very private. Sometimes, curiosity indeed like a ghost hunting in your dreams. It scared you shitless but you still curious enough to get to know more.

Being mysterious was his agenda. While I'm the one who always has the whispering ghost.

I completely don't know anymore how to explain it to you about my action. Because never in my attempt was to wreck your relationship or our friendship from the very beginning. I love you in ways only you would understand, that's why I'm not going to do harm or whatsoever. But, I did what I'm not supposed to even when he already said it and I already promised him.

This is a very tiring week for me since I don't have any more energy to apologized to you. I tried anything more than I'm supposed to, but you're not that easy to forgive what I did. Even though I know you're acting like this to punish my action.

I guess I let the time to heal you. Until then, hopefully.