“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

This definitely not my first time to be here. But, this time is special because of the company who come with me.
This is the welcome scene when you arrived at the island. Not so busy island when we arrived here because we choose to come on a weekday. We do purposely choose the date because we want to feel the island to ourselves. It gets busier at the weekend.
This is the special scenery is the icon of this island. Because of this lagoon is very serene and just a place to take good picture. The clear water and the quiet surrounding really make us feel in solitude.


We are a bit lucky because we can catct a gorgeous sunset too during our visit.

To get there, you can start early in the morning, at the Kali Adem Port. It's where most of the ship going to the thousand islands. Usually, lots of the agents of the trips will arrange for you. Since I'm going with our own, we deal with the island man directly.

Feel free to try jumping to this island. It's definitely not a crowded one, but it's more a small island to do reflection and just enjoy hanging out with some friends. The signal also not really good inside the house. Oh btw, we sleep in the homestay provided on the island. So, you don't need to worry about sleep and they already have the air-conditioned house too.

This definitely one of the biggest fish we ever ate. They provided the barbeque base on our choice of fish. Then they will serve it a little bit after dinner.

Hope one day you can come and visit and let me know how fun your experiences there.