Nowadays, we do live in the world where sincere thank yous are rare. Where sorries and apologies are extinct. Let alone, caring for the sake of the people we love. We tend to ignore good the feelings inside but more to the selfishness. 

We don't care about what we do to the people who love us unconditionally, either friends or family members. We tend to pay attention more to the flaws and mistakes they do. Especially, we tend to pay more attention to how many followers and likes we have daily. Yet, we tend to ignore the real person in front of us, but more to the DM's and other personal chats. 

I used to become the person who cares more about the people in my chats rather than my friend talking about his/her days in front of me. That's when I got my first blackberry. Until one of my very best friends hit me in the gut by telling me how rude I was not paying attention to what he just told me. 

His statement hit me like Thor's hammer in my belly. 

After that, I learned a lot about being present for most of my friends who need me, personally. Not me in the chat rooms or DMs or whatever online messages I have in the palm of my hand. I'm trying to be a good listener and said my piece of advice when needed, sometimes. Most importantly, I'm trying to be present for them.

It's not something easy to be done. Trust me. Especially when you're already so addicted and attached to your cell phone. But, there's always something about a time you spent with this person or group of people you can't definitely take back. 

It's a memory with them. 

Stupid jokes, pervert comments, laughter, crazy stunts and just doing what hanging out with friends supposed to be. Because you know what? Those memories won't come back! Exactly like time. It passes you by every time you blink your eyes. 

Can't you imagine if that's the last time you're going to talk with them? As if they just evaporated from this world like dust. Will you regret it? Will you play all that 'if only' words in your head again and again? 

I bet you would. 

I'm saying this because I learned from my experience having lost some friends, I wish I could be better to treat them. To pay attention more to their own troubles or even just a need share some stupid jokes. 

So, I wish you can be better than I am. I wish you can express more about how you feel or how you want other people to treat you back. Because those are the things that will shape your character and your future. When you can treat others the way you treat yourself then everything will become gold. 

I'm sorry, please, forgive me. Thank you, I love you. These words are my magic mantra I keep telling myself daily. Whenever I feel down and I told some of you too. Practice makes perfect said the Wiseman. I hope one day you will understand whatever I'm saying in here. 

Remember, you are SUPER in anyways. 
Have a great life ahead, darlings!