Hi! My name is Meita - it stands for "first of May" in my language. Yeap, it's my born day, so people can easily remember, actually. Also, it's a celebration of Labor Day in some countries in the world.

I was born and raised in this big city, Jakarta. A place I can call home, even though the traffic is unbelievable-crazy, but still it's something one can be missed about a town you're born.

Growing up, I have a passion for English language, so learned the very basic since I was in elementary. Then started listening to the radio and music in English, record and memorize them, especially learned how the singer pronounces it, and find it in a dictionary what it the word means.

I have a dream, one day - some day; I don't know how. I will go to the USA and take a picture with the Statue of Liberty.
  "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis
It's still surreal when dream actually come true. I got to experience a whole year in the States, and learning and meeting a lot of people, who I can call friends now.

This journey makes my passion to traveling soar. Especially, when I finally get introduce to what we know now, as the internet. After I got back, we don't have the broad internet connection, (yet) but that's not gonna stop me of learning.

After graduated from college, life actually happened. Growing up sucks, especially when you realize you need to face the reality of getting a job. Then, this place is where I learned how to blog.

Becoming an almost-adult and get introduce to Kaskus was when all of my stories start. The blog is my diary and collections of my poems. I started to learn how to write about my life here. Boyfriends dilemma, problems with parents, broken hearts stories, also creativity in sharing my thoughts with other blogger friends.

My career started at this retail company and spent almost 8 years. Learned everything about marketing strategy and communication, then jumped into digital marketing as the newest trend in this era. Then with the massive information on digital marketing and social media, of course. I created this online food company with my mom, called "Choipan Mami Tio" Feel free to click on the link and learned about the food. It's traditional, local and deliciously-addicted. TRY ordering from @choipanmamitio.

So, here I am, still trying to manage writing things as passionately as I avail-ably can, to share my life journey here, and managing the online orders.

If you're still curious about me, feel free to drop an email at meita.winarto@gmail.com for anything you would like to ask, or any business information we can - hopefully - working on together.

With so much joy,
Meita Winarto